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For All Interims

The Covid-19 crisis continues to provide challenging circumstances in which to undertake our roles and has had a wide-reaching effect on everyone regardless of their socio-economic status or employment. However, it has disproportionately affected Key Workers and Local Authority workers, and we feel that it is especially important to say thank you for all of your work so far and that we appreciate all of your efforts to keep us safe.


We felt it appropriate for us to update some of our guidance related to Covid-19 so that we can help to keep you safe and informed during these uncertain times. Firstly, there have been some recent reports that have started to show a marginal slowdown in the number of reported cases of Covid-19 which means that “Social Distancing” measures may be having an impact. However, that doesn’t mean we can afford to lose focus on the end goals which are to protect the NHS and Save Lives by staying at home where possible.


Current guidance:


Currently Government Advice is still to stay at home (if you are not a Key Worker), distance yourself at least 2m or 6ft away from people if you do have to go out and continue to follow good hand hygiene guidance (wash them regularly when coming into contact with metal surfaces, etc).


If you are classified as a Key Worker, where possible try to determine whether Children, Young People or their Carers have exhibited symptoms or have been exposed to Covid-19 in the recent past. However, we must stress the need to follow local advice from your line manager of the local authority you are employed with. There is specific guidance from NHS England around how to take further protective measures as a Key Worker.


If you think you have symptoms or other concerns:


A reminder, that the symptoms of Coronavirus are similar to those of a fever, cough and shortness of breath.

  • If you have recently returned from any areas specifically detailed on the government website, you must contact NHS 111 immediately and take advice.
  • If you are concerned about any symptoms, you should contact NHS 111.
  • If you are advised to self-isolate by NHS England, you should follow this advice
  • If you are concerned about any future travel, they should take advice fromthe government website or NHS 111.


If you are advised to ‘Self-Isolate’


If you are required to self-isolate, following advice from NHS 111 or NHS England, you should immediately contact your line manager and discuss the advice you have received. If you do not have any symptoms; you should agree with your manager to work from home (if possible). If it isn’t possible to work from home.


If you are required to self-isolate because you are unwell and therefore not able to work, this should be recorded as absent due to sickness. If you are ill and you are advised to self-isolate you will be entitled to claim SSP from the first day of absence so please liaise with your consultant who can advise on how to access payments, etc.


Every member of staff should, in all circumstances and before taking any action about self-isolation and risking contact, discuss this with their line manager. If you do feel unwell please ensure that you check the Government Advice around staying at home if you think you have/have been diagnosed with Covid-19.


We will continue to monitor government advice and we will communicate with you further should this change.



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