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Expired on: Dec 11, 2023
Job Category: Public Sector
Job Type: Interim
Job Location: Midlands
Salary: £ Negotiable

Role specific

  1. To act as the council’s lead senior officer for housing management and related functions, overseeing and implementing the transformation of housing-related services, taking on board the conclusions and recommendations of Housing Health Check/Inspection activities and the feedback from deep engagement with residents, including crucially, council tenants and leaseholders.
  2. Responsible for all HRA Housing/Landlord Services including client responsibility for Housing Repairs and Maintenance
  3. Contribute to the development of a sustainable HRA Business Plan, producing appropriate and effective Housing/Landlord Policies, Strategies including relevant Asset Strategies (via Unitas)
  4. Compliance with the regulators Consumer Standards including in particular the standard relating to tenant involvement/empowerment
  5. To promote a clear focus on quality assurance, service accessibility and responsiveness, maximising customer involvement and insight, to contribute to the development of sound leadership and a high-performance management culture within the Directorate.
  6. Act as the council’s client lead for the relationship with Unitas as the wholly owned delivery vehicle for housing maintenance and repairs, focusing on high quality service performance and business development.
  7. Provide a robust client role in relation to all services and capital investment provided through the HRA Business Plan in respect of maintenance and upgrade of council housing in the city.
  8. Manage the HRA finances in close partnership with finance colleagues to ensure that the HRA account is sustainable over short, medium and long term, enabling a structured programme of investment in the maintenance and replacement of stock.
Sorry! This job has expired.
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