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Expired on: Feb 14, 2024
Job Category: Public Sector
Job Type: Interim
Job Location: London
Salary: £ Negotiable

What will you achieve in the next 12 months?

  • You are someone who is curious, enjoys being proactive and finding creative solutions and being an effective storyteller with a learning mindset. You can explain the ‘why,’ not just the ‘what.’
  • With an effective relational approach, you will deliver a marketing, communications and engagement function for the Family Hubs Programme
  • As someone who thinks critically about their audiences and is strategic in their efforts, you will lead on communication and marketing planning and delivery for Family Hubs, as well as monitoring and evaluating the success of our communications and engagement.
  • Equipped with well-rounded skills, you will develop a communication and marketing strategy for Family Hubs and our wider work to support Islington families, and support with ensuring this work is sustained going forward.
  • With a strong attention to detail, you will develop and deliver a range of campaigns, and drive engagement with Family Hub programme, services and mission through information and communications activity.

Detailed job description and main responsibilities

Deliver a marketing, communications and engagement function for the Family Hubs Programme

  • Lead delivery of the marketing and communications activities and actions associated with the Family Hubs programme and approach
  • Co-ordinate and manage stakeholders and partners in the delivery of marketing, communications and engagement projects from initial scoping and briefing through to evaluation.
  • Provide professional advice and guidance and support partners, providers, and voluntary and community sector to help promote and engage residents with Family Hub / Start for Life services
  • Work with colleagues and delivery partners in the development of a remote/virtual service offer for parents and carers
  • Keep up to date on communication and marketing developments, especially digital/virtual, to ensure the communications activities are responsive to parents/carers, children, and young people’s preferred channels.
  • Support the coordination of steering groups that encourage co-production of all marketing and communications development which includes partners, parents, carers, children and young people.
  • Build and maintain excellent working relationships with all stakeholders including parent and carer groups, council colleagues, elected members and partner organisations.
  • Work with a range of stakeholders, including residents and voluntary sector, to design, develop and distribute appropriate material to raise the profile and use of Family Hub / Start for Life services
  • Establish and manage processes for capturing and analysing community engagement information including brand awareness and equality, diversity and inclusion monitoring data.
  • Maintain and actively use expert knowledge and skills on best practice in diverse community engagement, including securing feedback from local communities and stakeholders as well as keeping up to date with national and international policy, legislative and practice developments.
  • Act as a ‘single point of contact’ for Islington to the national directory of family hubs, influencing and shaping future developments
  • Contribute to the communications and engagement activities for the wider Children’s Partnership Board / programme management, as required
  • Work closely with members of the corporate Communications and Campaigns service to make best use of design, media and digital communications services in campaigns and ensure appropriate adherence to corporate guidelines and strategies for branding, digital communications and engagement. Develop and deliver a range of campaigns, driving engagement with Family Hub programme, services and mission through information and communications activity
  • Develop, implement and monitor a stakeholder engagement plan and an associated communication and engagement strategy that ensures all families, residents, staff, senior managers and wider stakeholders are fully involved and able to contribute to the success of Islington’s multi-agency Family Hub and Start for Life model
  • Develop and implement strategies to a broad range of stakeholders from councillors to NHS colleagues to maximise positive communications coverage for the Family Hubs / Start for Life programme
  • Undertake research and information gathering to understand what colleagues are trying to achieve for their services, understand who the target audience is and what channels and messages are likely to work best.
  • Develop targeted and coordinated communications activities to meet these objectives using appropriate channels, messages, products and materials
  • Put in place evaluation measures to assess the effectiveness of activities and provide feedback on outcomes to managers/leaders through reporting or work with them so they are able to evaluate activities themselves.
  • Develop and support the design of digital, virtual and telephone offers around the needs of local families, with particular attention to accessibility for ‘seldom heard’ groups.
  • Work with parent champions and other parent groups to co-design promotional materials to support access to parenting support services.
  • Use data and local insight to ensure that all Family Hub / Start for Life promotional materials are accessible for local families.
  • Develop excellent working knowledge of Family Hub / Start for Life grant requirements and outcome measures; use this knowledge to influence and shape family surveys to baseline and measure ‘distance travelled’ in terms of brand awareness and campaign impacts.
  • Provide marketing/communications/engagement related project management support
  • Draft and maintain project documents, records and other artefacts (e.g. scoping documents, communication and stakeholder engagement plans) as required
  • Matrix-manage project teams and task and finish groups to deliver project outputs to time, budget and quality requirements
  • Work with the programme team to identify and manage risk in relation to change, communications, engagement and learning, and development
  • Convene, facilitate, and manage project groups, workshops, and task and finish groups as required. Ensure that key information and proposals for decisions are presented at the right time
  • Prepare briefings and analysis for senior colleagues and elected members as required. Drafting, contributing to and editing briefings, board papers, reports, presentations and other documents Resource management
  • Explore options for using new, low-cost digital tools and platforms create and distribute internet-ready content including video, audio and imagery.
  • Provide reports on digital media engagement, including social media analytics and mentions, Google analytics and newsletter reports; reporting back to comms team colleagues, senior managers, executive managers and departmental officers as required.

The postholder will also

  • Optimise paid and natural search and develop and evaluate effective social media advertising campaigns.
  • Manage external suppliers in line with council procurement policies.
  • Embrace more flexible ways of working and support more agile and cross-cutting ways of working across the council. Monitoring and standards
  • Adhere to relevant guidelines and policies including branding and style guides, standard operating procedures and the programme management toolkit.
  • Be fully aware of and abide by key legal duties and requirements – particularly the local government code of practice, data protection and codes of practice for advertising and direct marketing. To maintain an up-to-date knowledge of the wider policy and practice environment for the department and for local government in general.
  • Act as a key gatekeeper for the corporate brand; managing, monitoring and advising on the consistent application of plain English.
Sorry! This job has expired.
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