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Expired on: Dec 11, 2023
Job Category: Public Sector
Job Type: Interim
Job Location: South West England
Salary: £ Negotiable

Key Responsibilities 

  • Provide dynamic leadership, strategic direction, and effective management to lead the delivery of the Council’s Policy, Sustainability and Inclusion service
  • Lead the development and delivery of a strategic business plan which maximises the service impact against the Council’s priorities, values and future plans.
  • Lead the development and delivery of the Council’s vision and strategic direction via the Corporate Plan and policy framework; ensuring sustainability and inclusion are at the heart of both and translating strategy into council-wide performance goals and strong outcomes
  • Be responsible for the Council’s climate emergency response providing strategic direction and leadership, operational management and financial control
  • Initiate, lead and successfully deliver multiple major projects, each with a clear purpose, scope, outcome and communications, to make the council, it’s partners and the area a leader in the sustainability arena
  • Be responsible for the Council’s equality and diversity ambitions, providing strategic direction and leadership
  • Work proactively with leaders and members across all directorates and services to provide insight, support, challenge and resources to create an aspirational Corporate Plan, climate response and equality and diversity strategy
  • Seek and develop a broad range of internal and external partners and stakeholders to take a collaborative approach and overcome barriers to achieve collective outcomes.
  • Keep continually updated with all new government legislation and sector best practice to implement both service and council-wide changes when required to ensure compliance
  • Instil a council-wide culture of measurement and data-led decision-making to ensure policies are fit for purpose, impactful and measurable
  • Anticipate emerging risks and opportunities; leading the team to respond appropriately and creatively to influence activity and long-term activity.
  • Provide insight, advice and challenge alongside peers as part of the directorate’s senior leadership team
  • Empower team members to use their full range of skills in the context of the whole team so that individuals understand each other’s part in service-wide objectives
  • Coach team managers to deliver performance management best practice to create a positive culture where individuals can fulfil their potential and develop professionally.
  • Manage the allocated budget effectively and flexibly to deliver service objectives and in line with the council’s finance policies – monitoring spend, risks and opportunities and reforecasting regularly.
  • May enter into negotiations and act on behalf of the Council
  • Be a role model for the Council’s values and behaviours, addressing poor behaviour swiftly and encouraging others to do the same
Sorry! This job has expired.
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