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Job Category: Head of Pensions and Treasury
Job Type: Permanent
Job Location: Kent
Salary: Circa £100000

Purpose of the Job:


The Head of Pensions and Treasury will be responsible for developing and implementing strategy for both the Kent Pension Fund and the council and to resource and deliver the Pension Fund’s and council’s strategic objectives sustainably and in the public interest.


In accordance with the expected Regulations regarding good governance, they will have the appropriate relationship with the s151 Officer and as a senior member of the Divisional management team, the postholder will have a significant impact on the council’s strategic agenda.


Expected to participate in the Emergency Planning and Resilience Rota as a Duty and/or Recovery Lead Director, to oversee the council’s statutory duty and responsibility as a first responder to emergencies within Kent.


Main duties and responsibilities:


Kent Pension Fund


  • The post is responsible for the investment and financial governance of the Pension Fund including:-
    • accounting, budgeting, financial information, monitoring and control of the accounts of the Pension Fund;
    • liaising with Fund Managers to ensure that investment strategies are designed to realise optimised returns for the Fund;
    • advising the Fund on governance matters;
    • and managing relationships with, and the provision of information to, Fund employers


  • Lead on the strategy development and implementation responsibilities of the Superannuation Fund Committee and Local Pensions Board. These include supporting elected representatives under the proper governance arrangements and the Head of Pensions and Treasury is expected to provide unfettered advice to elected representatives to inform their decision making.


  • Lead the effective management of the Pension Fund, including strategy implementation, cross organisational issues, integrated business and resource planning, risk management and performance management.


  • Undertake effective governance of the Pension Fund through development of  corporate governance arrangements, risk management and reporting frameworks, and corporate decision-making arrangements.


  • Oversee the effective administration of LGPS membership arrangements including meeting key performance targets, resourcing, and compliance.


  • Represent the Kent Fund within the ACCESS pool to provide strategic direction and development of the Fund’s role within the asset pool.


Treasury Management


  • Lead the development and implementation of the Council’s Treasury Management Strategy linked to the Council’s Medium Term Plan. The Head of Pensions and Treasury is expected to provide advice to elected representatives to inform their Treasury management decision making and will be responsible for maintaining a robust controls framework for the function and delivery under the Treasury policies and practices detailed within the Strategy.


  • Manage relationships with the employers in the Kent Pension Fund, advising them on policy developments relating to the Local Government Pension Scheme to ensure they meet statutory and actual variation requirements.


  • Represent Kent in local, regional and national forums and influence the development of policy and delivery at all levels.


  • Lead at a strategic level relationships with the Fund’s and council’s advisors and ensure effective oversight of services delivered by key suppliers including the pensions administration service.


  • Lead, manage, develop and motivate a team of finance staff in the delivery of good financial management and services by demonstrating the Council’s managerial leadership values and behavioural competencies – providing positive leadership, acting with openness, honesty and integrity, and instilling a clear sense of direction, priority and pace. Leading people in an inclusive way to deliver strategic and operational objectives. In particular ensure processes are in place pertaining to training and development of relevant skills at all levels, in line with established CIPFA standards






Footnote:       This job description is provided to assist the job holder to know what his/her main duties are.  It may be amended from time to time without change to the level of responsibility appropriate to the grade of post.







All corporate directors, directors and senior managers have an explicit responsibility to deliver the collective agenda of the Council. These are fundamental elements of their role not an addition and are summarised as follows:


Whole Council


  • Seek to improve the lives of all residents in Kent and economy of Kent
  • Act as corporate parent to the Council’s looked after children
  • Take an active role in promoting and ensuring the Council’s responsibilities for safeguarding are met.
  • Understand, communicate and contribute to the delivery of KCC’s strategic aims
  • Meet statutory obligations and promote and ensure compliance with policies and procedures and the Council’s Code of Conduct (Kent Code).
  • Advise elected members and support the democratic process
  • Promote the Council brand and enhance the overall reputation of the Council
  • Understand and monitor the measures of performance, including customer insight, which define successful outcomes for KCC services
  • Maintain and ensure a relentless focus on the customer
  • Act to support the Council-wide need to deliver services within budget, thereby avoiding an overspend that could damage the financial viability of the Council
  • Overcome professional and service silos to achieve the County Council’s objectives.



Integration of Services


  • Focus resources where they have the biggest impact
  • Deliver services that are flexible and adaptable
  • Integrate services within KCC and work with partner agencies to ensure a seamless customer experience
  • Fully and inclusively engage all staff in the delivery of services, demonstrating the Council’s leadership values and competencies.



Embedding Commissioning and Engaging relevant markets


  • Establish an outcome focused organisation
  • Meet the financial regulations and standing orders of KCC
  • Challenge the status quo and engage with the market to constantly improve
  • Ensure all services are delivered effectively and efficiently
  • Proactively and continuously seek to improve service delivery
  • Proactively manage risk to avoid inertia whilst not exposing the Council to needless and avoidable challenge or loss


Managing Change


  • Understand and support the Authority’s overall change agenda
  • Deliver required outcomes of service specific change on time and to budget
  • Understand the quality of staff, support their development, nurture those with talent
  • Identify the skills for the future and the level of staff through robust workforce planning
  • Identify and deal with underperformance.
  • Deliver to agreed budget and income targets.


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