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Expired on: Jul 3, 2024
Job Category: Public Sector
Job Type: Interim
Job Location: North West England
Salary: £ Negotiable

Deliver high quality legal advice and services to Heads of Service and their staff including, where appropriate, drafting proceedings, contracts and legal agreements, to ensure that policy is formulated, and operational decisions are taken on a sound legal basis.

Undertake negotiations in order to protect and further the objectives of the Council, and where necessary undertake litigation and advocacy in the Courts, Tribunals and at statutory appeals and inquiries.

Participate in project teams to ensure the achievement of the Councils objectives and the delivery of high-quality legal advice and services to client Services and Departments.

Identify, research and anticipate the effects on service provision of new developments in the law to ensure that clients are able to adopt best practice in the delivery of timely and responsive services

Provide legal and procedural advice on officer reports, decision papers, and to the Council’s Committees, Panels and Groups of Members and Officers to ensure that strategic and operational decisions are taken in an effective, beneficial and legally sound manner.

Supervise colleagues in the Service as appropriate to ensure the effective delivery of legal services to client Departments

Sorry! This job has expired.
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