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Expired on: Sep 26, 2023
Job Category: Public Sector
Job Type: Interim
Job Location: London
Salary: £ Negotiable

Key Unit Accountabilities

  1. To take responsibility for the Council’s 24 hour Dangerous Structures Preparation of dangerous structure rota for the appointed Officers on out of hours standby.
  2. Be on call as one of the appointed Officers to deal with dangerous structures on a rota basis as agreed with Building Control. This may include measures under the council’s civil emergency plan in severe cases.
  3. Inspect alleged dangerous structures, prepare written reports and take appropriate, Where necessary carry or follow up inspections and take appropriate action to ensure the safety of the public is not compromised.
  4. Undertake full range of specialist structural engineering duties throughout the Deputising for the Building Control manager in relation to dangerous structures and structural matters.
  5. Liaise with the Council’s Civil Emergency Team to ensure close working relationship is established
  6. Check emergency contractor invoices for accuracy and authorise payments according to the Council’s standing orders and established procedures.
  7. Examine plans and related details submitted in connection with proposed building works to ensure compliance with the relevant legislation including codes of practice and British/European standards and seeking advice and guidance from senior colleagues as necessary
  8. Meet, discuss or negotiate with all types of professional and non-professional members of the public and any other interested parties in order that advice and guidance may be given on how compliance with the relevant legislation may be achieved.
  9. Carry out the inspection of building works on-site at all stages of construction to ensure compliance with approved proposals or to agree that works are in compliance with the relevant sections of legislation including compliance.
  10. To write correspondence and reports, following administrative procedures including daily records of inspection.
  11. Prepare and give evidence in support of legal proceedings
  12. Determine fees payable for inspections of building work carried out under Full Plans route or Building Notice routes.
  13. Participate in the use of new technology notes and record keeping systems for Building Control where these systems have been identified and adopted.
  14. Participate in the training programme for surveyors and trainees, prepare and deliver training sessions that are relevant to structural engineering. Broadening, wherever possible, the professional and technical duties, knowledge and experience within the scope of Building Control.
  15. To provide effective leadership, ensuring development of productive working relationships, providing support and assistance to other team members where necessary.
  16. To work flexibly in undertaking the duties and responsibilities of this job, and participate as required in multi-disciplinary and cross-organisational groups and task teams.
  17. To take responsibility, relevant to the post, for ensuring that Council statutes and government legislation is upheld. This includes, amongst others; Management Compliance Charter, Environmental Policy, Data Protection Act, Race Equality Action Plan, Quality Assurance Plan, Health & Safety, Sustainable Construction and Recycling
  18. To take responsibility, appropriate to the post for tackling racism and promoting good race, ethnic and community relations.
Sorry! This job has expired.
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