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3 ideas to improve physical health as an interim

As an interim professional, it can be challenging to put your health first due to an amalgamation of high expectations, tight deadlines and long working hours. However, neglecting your health, in any profession, can lead to health issues, including high blood pressure, weight gain and even heart conditions. 


In this blog, we share some easy-to-follow advice on small changes you can make to improve your physical health as an interim professional. 


1.Set boundaries


Make the most of your free time. Before you scream at your screen that such free time is non-existent as an interim professional – hear us out. You have a morning, right? And no, it is not compulsory for you to log on at silly o’clock to check your emails. Instead, allow yourself time to go for a run, a walk or even a brief visit to the local coffee shop before you start your working day. Getting your blood pumping and your legs moving before settling in to staring at a screen all day is massively beneficial for not only your physical health, but also your mental health. Now, we know that as an interim there can be a lot of pressure to impress your employer over the short period you’re hired for. However, it is within your power to set those boundaries and say, “hey, I’m going to the gym before work – I will reply to emails at 9AM.” Lunchtime is also a great opportunity to get some exercise in, even if it’s just a brief trip to the local coffee shop. Overall, it is up to you to plan your time and as long as you set those expectations with your colleagues, managers and clients, then they will respect them. Take back control and prioritise your physical wellbeing folks!


For further advice on setting firm boundaries as an interim professional, read our insightful interview with interim health coach, Lisa Ali. 


  1. Make small changes 


Improving your health doesn’t have to mean making drastic changes to your lifestyle. We recommend starting with manageable adjustments like getting off the tube a stop early, or walking up the stairs at work rather than getting the lift. It may not seem like much but little and often really will have a noticeable impact over time. Even getting enough sleep and increasing water intake can help you feel 100 times better in yourself – it’s all about putting in the extra effort to stay on top of these straightforward, but easily neglected routines. Eating healthy can also have a significant impact on your physical wellbeing. Again, this doesn’t mean throwing away all the crisps in your cupboard, but rather, prioritising eating meals on time over finishing a work task and ensuring the meals in question are balanced on most occasions. 


3.Find something you enjoy 


Not everyone is a fitness fanatic and that’s OK! The secret to getting physical activity in is to find something you actually enjoy, whether that’s zumba, swimming or couch to 5K, we promise there is something out there that won’t feel like a “I’m doing this because I have to” task. The secret is trial and error – you’ll get there in the end! Once you discover your fitness passion, try and integrate it into your weekly routine so that your body gets used to moving. It may be a shock to the system at first, especially if you’re used to spending your days glued to your desk but ultimately, it will get better with practice. 

Here at Imperium Resourcing, we support all of our candidates and put their wellbeing at the heart of what we do. For more information or advice, get in touch with our friendly team via [email protected] today.

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