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6 steps to beating procrastination

Guilty of procrastinating at work from time to time? We’ve all been there. In this blog, we explore six approaches to help boost your productivity…


  1. Worst first 


That thing you’re dreading the most? Get it out the way in the morning and the rest of your day will fly by. Plus, you’ll be riding an enormous wave of achievement that it’s done and dusted. 


  1. Pick your surroundings wisely 


If you work in a busy office, this might be a case of putting your headphones in when you have something important to focus on or booking the meeting room so you’re free of distractions. For those of you who work from home, pick a quiet space in the house where you know you won’t be interrupted by pesky housemates or family members – especially if you have regular meetings. We’d also recommend putting your phone in a different room if you are easily enticed to check it every time you see a notification pop up. 


  1. Create good habits


Did you know that decision-making takes energy? That’s the energy you could be using to get stuff done. The solution? Getting into healthy habits e.g. waking up at the same time each day, meal prepping, scheduling important tasks ahead of time – even picking your outfit and packing your bag for the office the day before can be a game-changer. 


  1. All or nothing method 


If you don’t feel motivated to work, give yourself a worse alternative: in this case, doing nothing. The idea is that at some point you’ll end up working (as the mind tends to get bored quite easily!). Try this approach with your most important task. For example, you could set an hour aside free of distractions. That means no phone, no social media tabs open – yes, that includes LinkedIn doom scrolling – and no checking emails. 


  1. Know your non-negotiables 


Write down your non-negotiable tasks for the day. These can be both work-related and personal, such as 30 minutes of exercise, relaxation time, cooking dinner etc. Get into the habit of writing these down before bed so you wake up knowing exactly what the day ahead holds. This will stop you from frantically flapping around and wasting time deciding which task you need to do and when.


  1. Reward system 


Remember in school when you would be given a sticker for good work? Well, we’re all big kids deep down and that means having a reward system doesn’t go amiss when it comes to beating procrastination. Whether it’s making yourself a cup of coffee after completing a client presentation or celebrating with your favourite takeaway when you finally finish that big project, having something to look forward to helps give us a ‘why’ for doing our work. 


We hope you found this blog useful – please get in touch with the Imperium team for further career advice and opportunities via email at 0203 929 4000.

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