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How to mitigate stress in the workplace

When we are stressed we release a hormone called cortisol, which, when built up over a long time can lead to high blood pressure, increased cholesterol, heart problems and even stroke. While stress is a natural response to high-pressure situations, too much can be dangerous for our bodies. In this blog, we look at ways to mitigate stress in the workplace to ensure a healthy and happy life!

Be honest with your boss

Too much on your plate at work? Don’t suffer in silence – book a meeting with your boss to discuss workload, or that pesky client…whatever it is that’s been on your mind. However, it is important to plan ahead here, think of potential solutions instead of offloading onto your manager and expecting immediate answers. This will show that you’re taking initiative and trying your best to find resolutions. 

Talk to your friends 

Something making you anxious? Organise to meet your friends for a coffee and let them know what’s been going on in your life. You’ll be surprised how many people are willing to listen and support you if you just voice your concerns! This will help take the burden off you and it’s always helpful to get an outsider’s perspective. Often you will find you’ve been overthinking whatever it is that is causing you stress.

Get moving 

You don’t need to be a naturally born athlete, but getting just 30 minutes of exercise a day can completely transform your mood, as well as keep your heart happy. It’s a win-win! For those of you in office jobs, you could sign up for the gym and go on your lunch break, cycle or walk to work or do an online pilates class when you get home. 

Practice mindfulness

Take some time out of your day to practise mindfulness and take in your surroundings, emotions and thoughts. This can help us recognise when we are starting to feel anxious, stressed or depressed and take better control of these emotions. There are plenty of mindfulness resources available on the app store and on YouTube. 

See your GP

If you are experiencing feelings of hopelessness or anxiety regularly then your best port of call is booking an appointment with your GP. You may suffer from a mental health condition (such as depression or anxiety) which can be treated by medication to make your day-to-day life that bit easier. 

We hope you found this article of use – please get in touch with the team if you’re on the hunt for new opportunities.

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