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How to stand out from the crowd as an interim

In an increasingly competitive job market, you need to build a reputation as a trustworthy, high-performing and innovative interim who is nothing but a delight to work with. Let’s get you started with these top tips…
Move at pace
Employers hire interim managers to come in, complete the job at hand and get out. If you show you’re one step ahead from the get-go this can only bode well for your chances of securing the role. Make sure your CV is polished, compliance packs are ready and you’ve researched the role to the Nth degree.
Be realistic and manage expectations
Offer your client a realistic timeframe for project completion so that expectations can be managed from the start and you don’t end up having to overstretch yourself. Remember, you have been hired to solve a problem in your area of expertise so you know what can and can’t be delivered in the set time. If the brief is changed at any point, make sure to clarify how this could change the timescale. Equally, don’t be afraid to push back if you feel the client is asking for something unfeasible.
Key takeaway: communicate clearly, set expectations and keep your word.
Make a name for yourself
Get to know everyone in your office and build rapport with your team. Not only will this help you make a great impression, but also ensure that you are respected by your peers. You never know, you might even end up with a full-time role at the end of your contract or at the very least, a great reference for your next job.
Remember that you are a business tool
Circling back to point numero dos, you are being brought into a company to deliver solutions, drive projects from A to B and to share your expertise. Remain focused on reaching targets and making a long-lasting impact, even if this means making unpopular decisions.
Now that you’re ready to go wow those employers, why start applying for interim roles today? Have a browse of our current vacancies page or drop us an email at [email protected] for more information.
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