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Negotiation tactics for career advancement

Thinking about negotiating your salary or asking to stay on permanently? Here’s a short guide to negotiation tactics for career advancement as an interim professional…


Research thoroughly

Knowledge is power in negotiations. Stay informed about industry standards, market trends, and salary benchmarks for your role. This information not only empowers you to make reasonable requests but also demonstrates your commitment to staying current and competitive in your field.

Build strong relationships

Cultivate positive relationships within your organisation and industry. A solid network can provide valuable insights into the organisational landscape and the expectations for executive roles. Additionally, having allies can bolster your negotiating position by garnering support from influential figures within the company.

Create win-win scenarios

Successful negotiations are not just about securing what you want; they’re about finding mutually beneficial solutions. Approach negotiations with a collaborative mindset, seeking outcomes that benefit both parties. This not only enhances your reputation as a team player but also fosters a positive work environment.

Timing is everything 

Be strategic about when you initiate negotiations. Consider the company’s financial calendar, performance cycles, and any recent organisational changes (as well as your manager’s mood!). Timing your negotiations effectively can increase the likelihood of a positive outcome.

Highlight future contributions

When negotiating for career advancement, focus not only on past achievements but also on the value you will bring in the future. Discuss your vision for the role, proposed initiatives, and how your continued contributions will positively impact the organisation’s success.

Be prepared to walk away

While it’s important to approach negotiations with a collaborative mindset, it’s equally crucial to know your limits. Be prepared to walk away if the terms are not aligned with your career goals. This demonstrates your commitment to your own professional growth and can sometimes lead to a more favorable offer – especially as an interim where there is always a world of opportunities waiting for you around the corner. 

We hope you found this blog helpful. If you want our help in finding an interim role, get in contact with our friendly team on 0203 929 4000 or email us via [email protected].

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