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North Yorkshire Council undergoes £6m transformation

North Yorkshire has spent £6m on establishing a unitary local authority, North Yorkshire Council, which has taken the place of the pre-existing 8-council format.

The seven district councils and the county council, which included Craven District Council, Hambleton, Scarborough, Rydedale, Richmondshire, Selby, and  North Yorkshire County Council, were abolished on March 31.

It is expected that the transition will cost £38m in total, a figure that the former county council has set aside.

The newly established North Yorkshire Council has spent £6m so far, says Gary Fielding, corporate director for resources at North Yorkshire Council.

Over the last financial year, around £2.3m was spent on digitisation – an additional £1.4 has been reserved for this year.

However, 24 senior manager roles are at risk of getting the axe in order to save the council money.

Mr Fielding adds: “We remain committed to ensuring that the move to North Yorkshire Council presents the best value for money for taxpayers.

“The new authority is set to bring about annual savings of between £30m and £70m through the streamlining of services and bringing together eight councils into one organisation.”

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