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Preference for statutory council meetings to be held virtually

A recent survey by the Local Government Association found that most councils (95%) would prefer for statutory council meetings to be held virtually. 

It is hoped that returning to virtual meetings will help improve recruitment and retention. 

In fact, one in 10 local authorities that participated in the survey said they had seen councillors leave the profession since May 2021 as a result of compulsory in-person meetings.

A further 84% of councils noted that employees would find this more flexible hybrid structure advantageous due to work commitments, while 64% believed that councillors with children would also benefit from online meetings.

Cllr Joe Harris, vice-chair of the LGA said: “Good decision-making needs people who reflect the range of experiences, background and insight that exist in their communities.

“However, councillors are restricted by law to attend council meetings in person, which can deter a range of people including full time professionals, parents of young children, carers, workers and disabled people from stepping forward to represent their communities.

“The Government should provide councils, who know their communities best, with the flexibility they need to decide how to use hybrid technologies in their meetings.”

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