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Reducing stress in the workplace with these handy tips

Promoting well-being in the workplace is imperative when it comes to employee retention, team motivation and general motivation levels. This week we thought we’d let you in on some top tips for reducing stress in the workplace as an interim manager. Carry on reading to learn more about creating a healthier and happier work environment for you and your colleagues.

Plan socials

Spending time with your colleagues outside of work hours can help break down barriers and improve ease of communication. Why not plan a team building day or host a lunch to show your appreciation for everyone’s hard work at the end of the financial year?

Celebrate achievements 

Leading on from our previous point, making an effort to celebrate your team’s achievements is key to improving mental well-being in the workplace. Planning a day out, offering additional annual leave or even just saying ‘I really enjoyed X piece of work, well done’ will go a long way when it comes to boosting morale.

Allow for flexible working arrangements 

During the pandemic, most of us discovered two things: 1) that working from home isn’t that bad, and 2) our colleagues have cute pets who have no shame in interrupting important meetings. Where are we going with this? Flexible working offers a wealth of benefits (no sweaty commute being one) and companies should be open-minded to it. Not only does this allow for a better work-life balance, but also shows your colleagues that you trust them to get the work done without babysitting.

Talk about mental health

Make sure your team knows where they can get mental health support in the workplace. There’s nothing worse than feeling unsupported at a time when you feel particularly vulnerable or under the weather. Talking about the importance of mental health shows your colleagues that it’s okay not to be okay and that their mental health should come before anything else.

Provide a quiet space 

Providing a quiet space in the office is a great idea to promote mental well-being at work as it allows people to decompress/take some time out when needed.

Operate an ‘open-door’ policy 

Being a proactive manager means always being open to hearing from your team and offering a helping hand if they ever hit a block in the road. Remind your colleagues that your proverbial door (or real!) is always open. This will help you address problems before they worsen and cause bigger issues down the line.

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