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Unregistered homes: a warning to local authorities from Ofsted

Local authorities have been cautioned by Ofsted against placing vulnerable children, including those who are subject to deprivation of liberty (DoL) orders, in children’s homes that are not registered.

Updated Ofsted guidance states that entities providing children’s home services for children under DoL orders must undergo registration with either Ofsted in England or the Care Inspectorate Wales.

The registration process for local authorities needing urgent placement for children has also been made faster under new guidance.

Yvette Stanley, Ofsted’s director for Social Care, said: “It’s unacceptable that some of our most vulnerable children with very complex needs are living in places with the least oversight; where we do not know if they are safe, or if the people caring for them are suitable or skilled enough to meet their needs.

“We know that many children deprived of their liberty are placed in illegal unregistered settings. It is important that providers register and local authorities play their part to ensure vulnerable children are only placed in registered settings.”

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