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End of contract to-do list

Coming to the end of your contract can be a stressful time for interim executives – especially when you don’t have something else lined up. In this blog, we share three essentials to add to your end of contract to-do list. 

1.Go through your contacts 

Let’s say you have a month until your contract is up – what’s the first step? Well, now is the time to start putting feelers out. Go through your contact list of recruiters, ex-colleagues and employers of interest and let them know you’ll shortly be in the market for a new gig. Remember to update people on what you’ve been up to and mention any newly found skills you may have gained during your most recent project. 

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2. Arrange as many calls/coffees as you can

It’s not enough to send an updated version of your CV around and hope for the best. Good networking is about making an effort with people (ideally face-to-face) and building genuine rapport. 

3.Promote your USP

Think about your unique selling point (USP) as an interim. What sets you apart from the competition? Why are you the best person for the role? What experiences and skills do you bring to the table? Make sure to really hone in on this during initial meetings so that the person walks away with a very clear overview of who you are as a professional. Suddenly you are more than just a name on a long list of candidates and a person with something special to offer. 

We hope you found this useful – make sure to bookmark for the end of your next project! To find out more about our latest interim opportunities, get in touch with the team on 0203 929 4000 today.

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