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How to get the most out of your interim job search

Despite the ongoing hiring boom, we know it can be more of a challenge trying to find a niche interim position. At Imperium Resourcing we specialise in placing candidates within the ever-changing landscape that is the public sector, with a particular focus on interim roles. 

Carry on reading to find out how we can help you get the most out of your interim job search.


Polish your CV

It may sound obvious but it’s easy to forget to update your CV with all the wonderful experience, skills and training you may have acquired in your most recent position – especially if you move from role to role on the regular. Make sure to list your work experience in reverse chronological order so your prospective employer can see your most recent role at the top. We recommend keeping notes of ‘wins’ in each role you undertake so that you can refer back to this when it comes to refreshing your CV. Complete a project ahead of the deadline? Rejuvenated a company’s approach using your specialist knowledge of the industry? Received some great feedback from your senior manager? Whatever it is, make sure to include it! Going into an interim role, you are expected to drive positive outcomes, so demonstrating where you’ve already done this successfully is a sure-fire approach to impress hiring managers. 


Make the most of LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is a highly useful resource when it comes to job hunting and a platform you can really use to your advantage. As with your CV, ensure that all your experience is up-to-date, with a few sentences explaining your responsibilities and achievements under each. There is also the option to add an ‘open to work’ banner on your profile, making it easier for recruiters and prospective employers to spot you within the crowd!


Speak to recruiters 

We work with large scale transformation projects in councils across the UK and have a plethora of public service roles not available elsewhere. Let our expert consultants know what you’re after and we can help place you in a role suited to your career aspirations. 

Alternatively, if a vacancy on our website catches your eye, don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and let one of our recruiters know so we can help you with the steps. 

To reach Imperium Resourcing’s London office, please call 0203 929 4000. For our Leeds office it’s 0113 532 3754. 

Get in touch with our recruitment team and start the journey to finding your next perfect interim role today.

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