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Stand out as the top candidate for your next interim role with these 3 steps

The time has come to start looking for a new project, but you feel like your applications are going unnoticed. You’re starting to get frustrated; you have all the skills and years of experience but no one is reaching out. 

Don’t panic, our recruiters are here to share their wisdom! Carry on reading to find out how you can stand out as the top choice for your next interim role. 

1. Detail your experience but don’t waffle 

As recruiters, we look for CVs that are to the point. Cut the waffle and show potential employers your experience (and dazzling personality!) is unparalleled to the competition. We recommend keeping your CV to two pages max – if you go over this that is a good indicator you’ve written too much. Remember, your most recent few roles are the most important and where you should be placing the most focus on. 

Check out our blog for further guidance on how to make your CV stand out. 

2. Highlight your USP

In the current job market, it is not enough to simply tick the right boxes when it comes to skills and experience. If you want to be the recruiter’s first choice, you need to demonstrate your unique selling point(s). Whether you’re an expert in a certain software or have 10+ years work experience as a project manager, highlight this experience and get that busy hiring manager’s attention!

3.Make yourself marketable 

As a contractor, there is no separation between your face and your brand. In other words, you are essentially selling yourself as a product/service making yourself marketable is highly important if you want to land a new contract. Keep your social media presence respectable so that prospective clients don’t get a shock when they Google your name! Keep your LinkedIn up-to-date and ask previous clients to give you endorsements that you can add to your page. This will demonstrate your competence and give prospective clients confidence that you’re worth hiring. 


That’s a wrap! We wish you all the best and are here to help with any career queries you may have. Get in touch today on 0203 929 4000 to find out more about the interim roles we have available.

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