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Local authorities are spending more on diversity

Councils are spending more on diversity, research by the TaxPayers’ Alliance has revealed. 


Spending on equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) roles has increased by almost two-fold over the last three years to £23 million. 


Approximately 200 UK councils have splashed the cash on EDI roles since 2020, with funding having risen from £12m to now almost £23m. 


Chancellor Jeremy Hunt wants to see plans from local authorities by July, despite describing the move as a ‘wasteful spend’. 

In response to the TaxPayers’ Alliance’s report, a spokesperson for the Local Government Association (LGA) said: ‘Councils have a legal duty to eliminate discrimination, harassment and victimisation.


‘While councils continue to innovate and transform their services to meet the needs of their communities, it is unsustainable to expect them to keep doing more for less in the face of unprecedented cost and demand pressures.’


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