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Maximise your job search with these LinkedIn lifehacks…

With over 58 million listed companies, 15 million job advertisements and a whopping 900 million members – you cannot help but crown LinkedIn the go-to platform for job hunters.

But are you using LinkedIn to its full potential? In this blog, we share our LinkedIn lifehacks to help maximise your next job search…

1.Narrow down your search

Next time you’re using the LinkedIn search function, make sure to use the filter options to help you find a role that meets your personal requirements. 

For example:

  • Use hashtags for the job and sector you’re interested in e.g. #ProjectManager #PublicSector
  • Filter for ‘posts’
  • Set location
  • Filter ‘sort by’ to ‘latest’
  • Filter by experience level 
  • Filter by job type e.g. interim, part-time etc. 
  • Filter ‘date posted’ to last 24 hours

2.Add some creative flare to your profile 

When describing your prior work experience, try to include a memorable story about something you did in that role/on that particular project which was noteworthy. Even if it’s minor, explain to the reader how you got from A to B, and delivered on expectations in a way which is unique. Keep it short and sweet though! We don’t want hiring managers falling asleep before they’ve got to the bottom of your profile. 

3. Make yourself accessible 

It is easy to forget that LinkedIn Premium members still only have a limited number of InMail messages they are allowed to send. Hence, it is always a good idea to have at least your email (and your number if you feel comfortable) on your profile. This means recruiters and hiring managers with an interest can easily get in touch, so you’re not at risk of missing any opportunities!

4.Build your skills & endorsements section 

Just like Google, LinkedIn search filters by keywords. That’s why it’s so important to build your skills & endorsements section with keywords. Think about the words you would use as a recruiter looking to hire for the role/industry you’re interested in – use these and you’ll increase your chances of appearing in their search.

5. Reach out to recruiters

Don’t forget that LinkedIn is a social network (keyword being ‘social’), so use it as such! Reach out to hiring managers if they are listed on the job description and utilise your connections with recruiters. It’s who you know that counts, after all. 

Don’t have time for LinkedIn? Give our dedicated team a call on 0203 929 4000 and we’ll help you find a role that suits your needs. 

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