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The ultimate guide to meeting important deadlines at work

From flexible working, to variety galore, there are a wealth of benefits associated with being an interim. However, with great power comes great responsibility and your employer is going to want results from you and fast. That’s why mastering deadlines is key to your success in part-time positions and will make you stand out every time. In this blog, our consultants share their ultimate guide to meeting important deadlines at work.

Know your metrics 

As an interim, you have little to no time to prepare for your role. In most cases, it is expected that you crack on from the word ‘go’ in order to get the company where it needs to be. This means you need to have a clear understanding of your role within the business and what is being asked of you. For example, what are your KPIs and how long have you got to achieve them? How are you going to make an immediate impact? What do you bring to the table in terms of innovation? Having clear goals in mind and how you’re going to achieve them in manageable steps is the first step to success. 

Be realistic

There’s no point scrambling to meet a deadline if it was never realistic in the first place, so make sure you’re honest when talking to clients/colleagues and share your timeframe to manage expectations. 

Top tip: always overestimate how long a task will take you so that you A) mitigate pressures on yourself and B) impress your team when the project is completed faster than predicted. 

Remove all distractions 

Out of sight out of mind! Put your phone upstairs or in a different room so you’re not tempted to look at your Instagram notifications throughout the day. Avoid having the TV on in the background and make sure your desk is tidy. Having minimal distractions can work wonders when it comes to project completion – and you’d be surprised how often you check your phone on autopilot when it’s within arms reach…

Let your battery die

Yes, you read that correctly. If you work remotely, try taking your laptop to a café when it reaches 50% and nothing else. This way, you have no choice but to complete your next task in a short space of time. 

Schedule free time

Having something to look forward to can help boost productivity and motivate you to get your work done at a faster pace. Try scheduling free time during the day (if your line work allows you to do so) as a way of breaking up tasks. Even if this is just grabbing a coffee from your local, allowing your mind to temporarily switch off and enjoy something is a game-changer when it comes to improving concentration levels. 

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