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New waste emissions calculator launched for local authorities

A new waste emissions calculator has been launched to help local authorities reduce their carbon emissions. 

Developed by Cambridgeshire county council and UCL (University College London), the calculator determines the impact of waste operations such as from vehicle use or waste treatment via energy from waste. 

The first emissions calculator was originally trialled by Cambridgeshire county council waste operations, back in 2021.

With the help of the tool, councils are able to benchmark their emissions with other councils to understand where their most significant sources of emissions lie. 

From here, they can prioritise actions and strategize to reduce carbon emissions.

Dr Isabella Butnar of the UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources said: “There is a genuine interest at local authority level to understand and reduce their scope 3 emissions. The calculator we have co-developed with Cambridgeshire county council helps improved accounting and reporting of emissions from local waste management. It also offers a harmonised understanding of sources of emissions, fostering constructive discussions within the council and between the council and their waste suppliers towards reducing supply chain emissions.”

Huw Russell of Local Partnerships adds: “The greenhouse gas tool is pitched at council climate change officers and other officers looking at emissions in the round. The waste emissions calculator is pitched at those emissions officers looking at waste in the round and for those waste contract officers interested in finding out where their emissions are coming from. Hopefully then they can work with their waste contractors in completing it as we don’t expect the councils to do all the work themselves. We think it is a good step for them to take.”

Imperium Resourcing is excited to see such significant progress in the mission to meet net zero by 2050. 

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