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Starting a new interim contract this month? Here’s how to prepare…

So you’ve just landed a new contract – congratulations! Now it’s time to prepare so you can start your new interim role with confidence. Luckily for you, the team here at Imperium Resourcing knows a thing or two about the interim world and how to succeed in it. Carry on reading for our industry-driven insight into how to prepare for a new interim contract. 

Research, research, research…

Learn everything you can about company culture, values and goals before you step foot in the door. This will give you a real advantage when it comes to making a good first impression and show that you are dedicated to working hard at the business in question. 

Even as an interim manager, it is important to find out who is who within the company, and where you should focus your energy. Who are the key people you’re going to be working closely with? Who are the main influencers? What responsibilities does everyone have? Having a broad understanding of the company hierarchy will come in useful when you need help, as well as help you better understand your role’s purpose in relation to everyone else. 

Know your targets

As an interim, you are being brought in to meet specific targets and at pace. That’s why preparation is essential – you want to arrive feeling confident in what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and how you’re going to deliver. Have a think about your metrics, as well as what timescales and deadlines are involved. Be ready to answer questions and showcase your expertise from day one. This will put you in an advantageous position to make an immediate impact and impress your team.

Make an impact early on 

Getting an early ‘win’ on your new assignment will help reassure your employer that you are indeed the best fit for the role and capable of delivering on your promises. This will also put your colleagues’ minds at ease, knowing you can get the job done to a high standard. 

This is why setting targets is so crucial as it will allow you to narrow in on what really matters, as well as what will have the biggest positive impact on the company. Having said that, it is important you are realistic in the goals you set – nothing is more embarrassing than talking the talk, then failing to walk the walk…

Build rapport with your new team

Even if your contract is short, make an effort to get to know your colleagues. Find out what their views are on the company and the challenges that lie ahead, and share your ideas in return so you can all work together to meet targets. Collaboration is key to the successful completion of a project and when you have people on your side it can streamline the process. Plus, it always helps to have a few friendly faces at work who you can go to on a bad day!

For further career advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team via email at [email protected]

If you’re still looking to start a new project this month give us a call on 0203 929 4000 and we’ll send you in the right direction. 

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