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Why are your work batteries drained?

Feeling a little uninspired recently? In this blog, we explore common catalysts for battery drainage at work and why you should take these as a sign to move career…


  1. Unrealistic expectations

One of the prime culprits behind draining work batteries is the burden of unrealistic expectations. Whether set by yourself or your boss, these expectations can create a constant sense of pressure. Striving to meet unattainable goals can lead to burnout and a feeling of inadequacy, eroding the passion that initially fueled the work. Finding a balance between ambition and realism is essential to prevent this drain.


  1. Lack of purpose

Having a sense of purpose in the workplace is key to keeping your motivation alive. When people fail to connect their tasks to a larger mission or vision, their work may start to feel meaningless. The absence of a purpose-driven approach can lead to a gradual decline in enthusiasm, turning once-engaging tasks into mundane chores.


  1. Culture clash

The culture of an organisation plays a vital role in shaping employees’ experiences. When an individual’s values and work style clash with the prevailing organisational culture, it can create feelings of discomfort and dissatisfaction. This culture clash can crush the energy and passion individuals bring to their work, making them feel like they don’t quite belong or that their contributions aren’t valued.


  1. Lack of mental stimulation

Humans are inherently curious beings, and engagement often thrives in intellectually stimulating environments. When the tasks at hand become monotonous or lack intellectual challenge, the mind can start to wander and disengage. The absence of mental stimulation not only drains energy but also inhibits the growth and development that come from tackling novel and thought-provoking tasks.


  1. Not enough feedback/recognition

The absence of constructive feedback or recognition for a job well done can lead to a sense of invisibility or unimportance. This lack of feedback or recognition can dim the enthusiasm and motivation that individuals bring to their work, making them question the significance of their contributions.

If any of the above sounds familiar, it may be time to look for a new role. Here at Imperium Resourcing, we offer a variety of interim roles suited to our candidates’ idiosyncratic needs. Give us a call on 0203 929 4000 today to find out more. 

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