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Why hiring interim staff can help local authorities save money

With councils across England facing ongoing financial uncertainty, it is more important than ever to be economical with resources and concentrate on delivering positive outcomes to local communities. In this blog, we discuss why hiring interim staff can help local authorities save money and protect their services.


No training required 


Experienced interim staff will be up-to-date on best practices and ready to roll up their sleeves and get started on arrival. Plus, with prior experience across various roles it is likely interim hires will bring a fresh perspective and help come up with new strategies to support the council in question. Not only will this save local authorities precious time, but also offers the opportunity for instant impact.


Quick fix solution


During times of staffing shortages and high demand, interim hires provide flexibility and can help take the strain off your current workforce. When you need extra capacity, hiring temporary staff is a sure-fire way to address the issue immediately and you won’t be out of pocket, because they’ll be gone once the job is done!


Try before you buy


Although transient, interim staff can deliver long-lasting impact and help local governments reach their objectives effectively and at pace. Furthermore, if you’re happy with the progress being made then there is always the option to keep interim staff on permanently. Think of it as a somewhat free trial period. On the other hand, hiring permanent staff from the get-go can be problematic when they don’t deliver on their potential or worse – slow down your progress as a business.


Overall, interim hires afford local authorities the flexibility to respond quickly and efficiently, in addition to providing new skills and capabilities to your current workforce. If you need any interim executive roles filled for your local authority, contact us via email at [email protected].


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