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Essential skills to have as a project manager in the public sector

What does it mean to be a successful project manager? In the public sector, project managers play a pivotal role in making difficult decisions, communicating with stakeholders and of course, managing projects to meet business objectives. In this blog, we explore the key characteristics that make a strong candidate!




Clear communication is key if you want to be a successful project manager in the public sector. You will be expected to drive forward project delivery and resolve challenges along the way so it’s important to express exactly what you want from each person you interact with. 


Decision making


In order to streamline processes and find solutions, it is your responsibility as the project manager to make final calls. The outcome of each project will fall on your shoulders so ensure you’ve weighed up the pros and cons before calling the shots. This is especially vital as a project manager in the public sector, as the decisions you’ll be making will have real life consequences – sometimes for the most vulnerable in our society. 




Encountering conflict is unfortunately unavoidable when it comes to project management – however, if you’re a great negotiator with thick skin then you won’t have a problem. When liaising with stakeholders, colleagues and partners, make sure you maintain a firm but fair tenor in order to reach your objectives and get people on board. 




Make sure you have an understanding of the environment you’re working in – whether that’s healthcare, children’s care or a local council, having a mutual level of understanding with those you’re working with will get you a long way. 




We know it’s in the name, but as a project manager people will look to you for direction. This means you need to model best practices and behaviour in the workplace, motivate your team and drive projects to completion. This goes hand-in-hand with having impeccable interpersonal skills, such as questioning, dependability and empathy. 

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