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3 reasons why hiring an interim executive could transform your local authority

Interims with experience have the necessary skills to help make progress and develop a future strategy for your local authority. From the standard fast and efficient solution to a more productive workforce, see how hiring an interim professional could bring the transformation and change you need.


  1. Temporary expertise, permanent results


You must constantly innovate to stay on top of the competition. Interim executives have expert knowledge from their specific field and use that to help develop a future strategy for you as well as drive performance. In the meantime, you will have time to recruit an employee who will take over that strategy later. This is a highly efficient and flexible solution. However, when hiring an interim in times of crisis and change, their fresh, open mind and high levels of expertise will ensure they make drastic and positive changes to your business, giving them a high level of job satisfaction. This often progresses into permanent roles. Interim executives also offer talent that may not otherwise be available to you due to budget issues. Investment in interim executives is more expensive and only temporary but the experience and progress that they bring for the company is a huge benefit.


2. Help decrease workload, increase job satisfaction and motivation


Your local authority, in times of major change and transformation, usually goes through a period of increased workload, to help protect your existing employees from burnout, an interim executive helps to join the team and hit the ground running. With no training period and a plethora of expertise, their results-driven attitude will help unite the team, spread the workload, and keep people motivated as the team will feel secure with a trustworthy and competent individual leading them.


3. See potential candidates in action


As mentioned above, it is common for interim professionals to take on a permanent position after their contract has ended, having someone able to work and integrate with the team straight away allows you as a local authority to see their cultural fit, work ethic and competence as an almost trial period.



Speed and efficiency is required to fill an interim executive role and this is where Imperium can come in. If you are looking for an interim who is available immediately then it is crucial to have a streamlined recruitment process in place to avoid any delays. If you need any interim executive roles filled for your local authority, get in touch with us via email at [email protected].

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