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Save local services: how to get involved with the LGA campaign

UK local authorities will face a budget gap of £3.2bn in 2023, as the cost of living crisis continues to erode financial sustainability. 


Public services such as libraries, children’s centres and care for the elderly are already feeling the squeeze, with many having no choice but to shut down. 


With increased council tax and reduced costs off the table, local services are struggling to scrape together the funds needed for local communities. 


In fact, a study by Unison found that just under 90% of local authorities are predicting budget gaps in the 2023/24 financial year.


Birmingham City Council is due to be affected the worst by the cutbacks with data showing an £80 million black hole in its funding pot. 


In response to this pending crisis, the LGA is urging the government to come up with a long term strategy to ensure the future financial sustainability of councils and local services. 


We’re already seeing damage to our local communities as a result of this economic turbulence and urge everyone to get involved with the campaign against further cuts. 


Want to help? The LGA has put together this virtual box of resources so you can spread the word and help save local services. 


Imperium Resourcing recognises that local councils up and down the country provide critical services for our society and support calls for the government to alleviate pressures by providing a clear funding strategy. 


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