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How can local authorities help children in need of welfare support?

Government data has revealed that more than 400,000 children were in need of welfare support in 2022, with an 8.8% increase in referral rates from the year prior.

With this being the highest number on record since 2018, it is more important than ever for local authorities to strengthen their relationship with schools and agencies to help protect vulnerable children. 

In this blog, we discuss how local authorities can help children in need of welfare support, as well as the benefits of taking a multi-agency approach. 

How local authorities can help children in need of welfare support? 

Children in need of welfare support require the care and attention of local authorities to ensure their well-being and development. However, this can be a challenge given that the average number of children per local authority is 35,000. In order to guarantee that all children are accounted for and supported, it is paramount that the correct planning is in place and that best practices are understood and adhered to. For example:

A multi-agency approach 

A multi-agency approach can be really beneficial when it comes to safeguarding our young people. Collaboration between social services, healthcare professionals, educators, law enforcement, schools etc. provides us with a more holistic overview of a child’s circumstances. 

Furthermore, by working together agencies enhance safeguarding efforts. It allows for the pooling of expertise in risk assessment, child protection, and intervention strategies. Agencies can learn from each other’s best practices, policies, and procedures, leading to improved safeguarding practices overall.

This collaborative approach also provides a solid foundation for the continuity of care, meaning the children’s needs are supported throughout their young years and beyond.

Importance of schools

Local authorities must collaborate closely with schools to support children in need. They ensure that vulnerable children have access to appropriate education and additional support if required. This may include providing teaching assistants, specialised educational programs, and assistance in overcoming barriers to learning. Collaboration between local authorities and schools is vital to address the unique needs of each child.

Safeguarding software 

Safeguarding software is a game-changer when it comes to risk management, as it allows agencies to share relevant information about the child quickly and effectively. For instance, unusual changes in behaviour or injuries can be logged and shared with the relevant leaders and decision-makers. As a result, patterns can be spotted early on and preventative measures can be implemented to help protect the young person in question. 

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