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Local Authorities surrounding London asked to install ULEZ signs

Local authorities surrounding London have been asked to install Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) signs.  


This is to warn drivers of the expansion of the capital’s ULEZ, which now covers all of the London boroughs.


Mayor Sadiq Khan has described the move as a ‘landmark moment’ which hopes to provide cleaner air to five million more people, as well as reduce carbon emissions in London by 27,000 tonnes. 


Nonetheless, counties including Kent, Essex, Surrey Thurrock, Herforshire and Buckinghamshire have said they will not be using warning signs to alert drivers approaching the charging zone.


A spokesperson for Hertfordshire CC said: ‘The expansion of the ULEZ zone by the Mayor of London to Hertfordshire’s borders will price some of the lowest paid in our county off the roads.


‘No amount of signage will change the fact that our residents and businesses face a £12.50 penalty for travelling into the capital.’


However, RAC head of policy Simon Williams has warned that the lack of signage could lead to drivers being unnecessarily penalised.


‘While it might appear valiant for several councils around London to stand up to the mayor in this way, it’s likely to mean drivers don’t get any advanced warning of where the new ULEZ boundary begins,’ he said.


‘They will then end up having to pay the charge rather than having a chance to avoid the area in the first place. As the High Court has ruled that the ULEZ expansion can go ahead, it’s probably time for councils and the mayor to work together rather than against one another.’

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