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Refresh your Interim CV with these tips

Are you still using the same old CV? Put off updating it for too long and now it seems like a mammoth task? It’s always worked before, so you don’t need to update it?


We’ve heard them all. But you may find that refreshing your CV regularly not only allows you to stand out to busy hiring managers but also gives you the motivation boost you might have been searching for.


For interim managers, regularly updating your CV ensures employers are aware of your most recent posts, especially if you have recently taken a new direction with your career or have stepped up to a new position as they will reflect these experiences and subsequent skills the most. A refresh of the CV also allows you to notice areas for improvement as well as your progress so far, which can massively help your confidence when attending interviews and discussing your CV in detail.


Your CV should be a constant work in progress, and regular refreshes will also save you time in the long run. Take this blog post as your reminder to update it with your latest experience, skills you have developed or gained, responsibilities and successes. Not sure how? Check out our pointers below to get you started:


  1. Consider an updated design and format

A classic and timeless look is always important when designing/ formatting the look of your CV. However, there is no harm in taking inspiration from styles that you like, from similar people in your industry. You can make your CV look appealing by using a professional font, such as Calibri, Times New Roman or Helvetica. Formatting is key, so keep your CV neat and tidy as well as review the amount of white space you have.


In such a competitive and constantly changing environment such as interim management, you must stand out above the crowd. As a rule, ensure that the most important and relevant information is at the top of your CV and is easy to spot at first glance. Consider a skills list down the side where your most important hard and soft skills are easily visible.


  1. Finetune your work history, with a focus on your current role

Ordering your recent interim roles by date is one of the easiest ways to not only highlight your recent experience but also your notice period and availability. Your most recent post should be the one that best reflects your recent accomplishments, so dedicate the primary space to this role. The date order of your CV can also clearly show your career growth. As an interim with multiple positions a year, it can be easy for your CV to become too long or cluttered, so take this refresh as a great opportunity to get rid of any less senior positions or those that no longer reflect your chosen career path.


  1. Use statistics and concrete examples

Show off your achievements and successes in previous roles using numbers and statistics. This will put your results into context and show employers what you can bring to the role and why they should hire you. For example, instead of writing ‘I managed a transformation project for 12 months at this local authority’ think about using phrases like ‘as a project manager for this local authority, I was influential in improving the OFSTED rating from adequate to good over a period of 12 months.’


  1. Tailor your CV

Don’t send out the same CV to every employer. In a competitive market like interim management, your application will be judged on how much you have engaged with and understood an employer’s job description, situation and needs. You can make yourself a perfect fit for the role by including the required attributes needed for the role in your skills section, show off any related statistics or quantify these as well as identifying keywords that the employer will be looking for and ensuring they are in your personal statement. Regularly updating your profile statement section allows you to highlight your management style, motivations and allow your personality to shine through.


Remember, our specialist consultants are always here to help you every step of the way, whether you need CV or interview advice, don’t hesitate to ask!


If you are looking for a new interim role, contact us via email at [email protected] or click here to visit the vacancies section of our website to view the latest jobs available.

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