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Cost of living crisis: why we need to strengthen the relationship between local governments and central governments

As energy bills continue to skyrocket, along with food prices, rent and mortgages, the most vulnerable in our society continue to suffer. 


Against this challenging backdrop, it has become strikingly apparent that local and national authorities deliver the most positive outcomes when working closely together to support high-risk communities. 


The Local Government Association is no stranger to this issue and has been campaigning to strengthen the relationship between national and local councils via its ‘Build Back Local’ initiative. 


With the objective of maximising quality of life for communities across the UK, ‘Build Back Local’ offers insight, analysis and actionable advice on tackling the cost of living crisis. This includes resources on helping people access food, overcome rising inflation and explore employment opportunities. 


A few of the ways in which local and national councils are working together to support those struggling in the cost of living crisis include, providing local home installations, optimising food banks and offering childcare grant support. 


The absence of frequent communication and close collaboration between both parties puts the allocation of funding for these solutions at risk – and this has only been accentuated by the current circumstances. 


Imperium Resourcing supports the calls for national and local authorities to join forces and provide effective solutions to those most negatively impacted by this growing crisis. 


We understand that a close relationship with the central government is paramount to allowing interim and permanent staff to perform to their best ability in their role, and in turn, put the needs of the people they are representing at the forefront.

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