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Why hiring interim talent could save your company post-pandemic

The pandemic sparked a major shift in the way people work, as many began to enjoy the perks that working from home brought to their work/life balance. Others decided to leave their professional lives behind them for good, and took the global health crisis as the perfect opportunity to retire. 


Along with these changes have emerged new and innovative ways of working, as well as an increase in new roles – leaving many employers with a big gap to fill in the workplace with very little notice. 


And finding the right candidate against this backdrop of uncertainty is no easy task…


This is where interim talent comes in. Hiring interim talent increases business flexibility, and allows for the rapid completion of projects that may be of a challenge to other full-time employees. A good example being the delivery of a redundancy or business restructuring. Being one-removed from the company makes the process a completely objective one that can be carried out effectively, and at pace. 


Specific skills that may not be available in-house can also come in extremely handy when it comes to project completion or trialling a new approach. On the other hand, interim professionals can also give permanent staff a helping hand where additional support is needed as a result of tight deadlines or heavy workloads. 


New and innovative ideas may also arise from hiring interim talent as they haven’t been influenced by how the company approaches tasks and therefore may be able to offer a fresh perspective. Furthermore, interim staff will likely have years of industry experience and as a result, will be able to deliver instant results without any training required. 


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