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How can local authorities help work towards net-zero?

With the UK aiming to reach net-zero by 2050, a rising number of people are making conscious efforts to reduce their carbon footprint. But how can local authorities encourage communities to go green? Find food for thought below…


Choose renewable energy suppliers


Let people know they can find out how much renewable energy their supplier produces by looking at its ‘fuel mix’ information. If the one they’re with is racking up their carbon footprint, they might consider making a switch! 


Reduce waste 


Encourage local communities to recycle by clearly labelling recycling points and putting up posters around communal spaces such as libraries and schools as a friendly reminder of why recycling is so important for keeping our planet alive. 


Local transport is king


Getting more people to use public transport, or walk/cycle to work is great for improving our air quality and cutting down on mass carbon footprint. Making sure communities have easy access to reliable transport services is vital to helping the environment. 


Go paperless


Excessive paper use is obviously not ideal for our lovely planet. Where possible, communicate electronically and share documents via email rather than printing them out. 


See things in a new light 


Promote the use of LED light bulbs, automatic lights that turn off when not in use and dimmable lights. In the summer months, offices and households should rely on natural light. This will help them cut down on their energy bills during the cost of living crisis too!


Local authorities play an important role in delivering carbon emission reductions, and Imperium Resourcing supports all the hard work that they are putting in to help protect our planet.


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