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Why choosing an interim role will help revitalise your career

Transformation continues to remain a high priority for local authorities following the recovery from the covid-19 pandemic. Across the UK, more and more councils are looking for ways to provide more efficient and cost-effective services to users, therefore increasing the demand for targeted project work and interim staff. Think you are in a work slump? Switching to an interim role may help to give you the breath of fresh air you need and provide a new outlook on your approach to your personal working strategies.


Shape and transform for the good

Leading or working as part of a specific transformation to services can be incredibly rewarding, especially at the end when results are delivered, and services have drastically improved. By building your name in the circuit off the back of exceptional delivery, you will see your services more and more in demand with authorities to replicate your success time and time again.



The demands of a new improvement project allow you to navigate new challenges and adapt to the way your new authority works, this can provide a much-needed refresh to your approach to day-day tasks, which can improve your productivity and morale.


Personal development

While a permanent position may provide a more structured approach to career goals, the change in environment and networks that come with interim work bring opportunities to chat with new people and gain insight into career paths, and developmental ideas that will enrich your knowledge base and help reignite passions you may have previously lost track of. Chatting to agencies and consultants in your job search will also help you to refine your personal goals for the projects you take on, with support from expert recruiters who have these goals in mind.



 The increased flexibility that comes with an interim position provides some time to unwind after what can often be an intense period of work. Whether you use this time to pursue interests outside of work, travel or study, the time is yours to enrich your personal and professional life should you choose to.

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