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Unions propose pay raise for council staff

Unite, GMB and UNISON are three local government unions that represent the council and school staff in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. They have proposed an offer to employers of a £2,000 pay rise along with a one-off pandemic payment, a reduction in the working week and an extra day of annual leave for all council staff. This claim applies from 1st April 2022.


At the end of last month, employers responded to the proposal and offered council staff a flat rate pay rise of £1,925 and an extra day of annual leave but rejected the other proposed benefits. Employers mentioned that the offer must enter negotiations promptly so it can come into effect for 2023-2024 pay.


The three unions have responded and said they will take this offer to their members for discussion to come up with a decision. However, some union members have shared their opinions regarding the offer so far and the general view is that though the government is finally realising the financial struggles that council staff have been experiencing, they are not doing enough to make up for the pay cuts during the pandemic as well as the cost of living crisis that is currently going on.


The offer is still being discussed by the three unions, but a decision should be made soon. Imperium Resourcing welcomes the idea of a pay raise for council staff who have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic and beyond to continue to deliver vital services to those in need.

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