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Why modernising services is crucial for the public sector?

The Local Government AssociationSocitm and Solace have created a new outcomes-based framework for supporting and improving local government digitalisation programmes. The move to a more digital and modernised approach to services has been implemented across the world in the majority of services, and the local government is no different.


The framework promotes the use of common language and shared strategic outcomes by local councils when engaging with one another or the central government, community, voluntary or private sectors. This will help to support the delivery and design of modern public services, allowing councils to operate effectively as digital organisations to address the digital needs of their local communities. The shared outcomes aim to create agreed understanding, increase digital awareness across stakeholders and enable simpler identification and sharing of the best practices.

As the UK prepares to deal with a mass shortage of staff across the public sector, specifically within health and social care, the need to improve the accessibility and efficiency of these vital services cannot be overlooked.

This valuable online resource will only further the ability of councils to communicate effectively, share practices and build more partnerships all with the aim of delivering better services to residents. Additionally, having shared strategic aims across the board will also improve communication and engagement with the central government, allowing Westminster to better understand the individual needs of local authorities and provide effective and fast assistance.

We are excited to see this framework come to life, and see the benefits first hand within the public sector.

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