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Change is coming: how Michael Gove’s “Levelling Up” plan gives local council teams the boost they need

Last month, the long-awaited levelling up white paper was released, which looks to reset the relationship between central and local government. As we saw during the pandemic, the difficulties that social groups faced varied drastically from area to area and local councils stepped up to these many challenges and proved their ability to deliver tailored outcomes for their local communities. This white paper honours that, with its focus on the critical role authorities across the UK play in achieving the 12 national missions.


The white paper clearly shows that in order for the government to properly understand and improve on the economic and social imbalances that areas face across the UK, local councils must have a more permanent power to suggest specific transformation projects and implement solutions that cater to their areas. With full trust in local government teams to deliver targeted solutions, a more empowered workforce may arise, motivated by working towards a shared goal with its central counterparts.


One of Gove’s key missions is ‘increased employment and productivity’, and while this focus remains on the private sector, this united approach will most likely have a trickle-down effect. The local approach to levelling up ensures that councils and their various teams will have a huge and direct role in the general enhancement of social groups; from access to better services for residents, inclusive communities, improved infrastructure and living standards and strengthening of community pride. These projects provide a rewarding, impactful, and motivational outcomes, which will encourage more interconnected and cohesive project teams.


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